MOSFET - Deathlike Thrash'n'Roll

Mosfet - Deathlike Thrash'n'Roll

13 songs
42:06 minutes
***** **


About thirty years ago, it was still possible for a metal band to define a genre simply by the title of its release. Take for instance Venom’s Black Metal in 1982, or only two years later Possessed’s Death Metal. This makes me wonder if Austrian thrashers Mosfet (stands for: metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) have the same in mind with their second album Deathlike Thrash’n’Roll. Let’s face it: what the quintet is doing on its new record is certainly nothing new, but the album title couldn’t be a more apt description of their musical orientation.

Stripped of its intro, outro and a short instrumental in the middle, we are left with ten thrash attacks that couldn’t be steeped deeper in the retro roots of thrash metal. Mosfet are clearly influenced by Slayer at their best time (let’s say: Reign In Blood) and also add a lot of primeval German thrash la Kreator, Destruction and Tankard. With the latter, they have in common a certain sense of humour. Which was already quite infantile with the Teutonic beer metal pioneers becomes even more poignant with the Austrians. Song titles like Angel’s Piss And Devil’s Jism, Tales Of A Diarrhoea Werewolf and Beauty And The Necrophiliac are already enough to give me the chills. Add to this the singer’s occasional mistaking the letter “V” for “W”, and you are better off just listening to the music without paying attention to the lyrics.

And let’s face it: the music is really good! Mosfet are by no means innovators of any kind, but the powerful production definitely brings out the best in them. The guitars are fiercely riffing through the songs, the bass guitar has a pleasant low sound that pleasantly rumbles along, the drummer is certainly not afraid of high speed double bass attacks, and even the vocalist, despite his occasionally mediocre English, does a really good thrashing job.

The past few years have of course brought forth a lot of old school thrash revivalists, but Mosfet don’t need to hide behind the more popular ones. If they now start working on bettering their lyrics, they might even win the hearts of metalheads internationally. Deathlike Thrash’n’Roll is a good headbanging start into the still young year 2012!

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