MOTHERNIGHT - Mothernight

Mothernight - Mothernight

12 songs
69:01 minutes
***** **


Taking their name from a Kurt Vonnegut novel (in which an opportunistic American citizen is fighting on the Nazis’ side during World War II), it can only be called daring and provocative that a band from Poland chose this name. Mothernight are a modern metal band that incorporates styles like industrial, gothic and wave into their music, which frankly doesn’t make for an overtly original sound, but they make up first of all with their female singer Freya who has a very impressive voice. Also they never or rarely fall into the trappings of the more commercially oriented bands of the genre. Their music is hardly danceable, the guitars are much too heavy for that.

I normally stay clear of this musical style, so I am probably not in a situation where I can draw many parallels, but at times they remind me of a less radio-friendly Die Happy with a darker outlook on life. Especially the parts where they drop their heaviness to allow moodier moments to enter their material add vital dynamics to the atmosphere. This self-titled debut album is already very respectable, and the production also helps to take every inch of momentum to the forefront, but of course there are still some weaknesses. Often their songs just seem to run for a minute too long, and then sometimes they just fade them out as if they were performing on the ZDF Hitparare which I used to watch in the late Seventies and early Eighties. This is no way for a metal band to accomplish a song. Also the final track, a faithful rendition of Shakespears Sister’s Hello, would have cost less nerves if we hadn’t had to run through fifteen minutes of nothing.

What remains are nearly an hour of good music from a promising band that would be even better if they learned to become more compact in the future, and develop their sometimes exceptional dynamics. Seven points!

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