MOTOVUN - Motovun

Motovun - Motovun

12 songs
48:13 minutes
Pop Appeal


Motovun is a small Croatian town counting less than 1.000 inhabitants, but it attracts a lot of tourists thanks to the sea, the wine and a film festival. But there is also a German from Münster band sharing the name. Although the two members are proficient on a lot of instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, organ, piano, harmonica, drum, beat machine,…), the final result isn’t as bombastic as the abundance of gear may suggest. In fact it’s only minimalist indie pop music.

Their self-titled album starts with its highlight, the quiet lo-fi track Ein Lied with some vocal distortion. The quality of the album drops quickly afterwards. Hinterher feels too bare. Applaus is an unexciting acoustic ballad. Sieben Tage is a slow country song that never reaches giants like Calexico and Giant Sand. Ihr Duft is even more boring than what we’ve heard before. Hmmh annoys with stupid whistling parts. Was mir fehlt tries to combine pseudo dramatic parts with sadness, but the result doesn’t convince.

I was already prepared to give this album the minimum rating, but from songs 8 to 12, the record improves slightly. The last songs have a stronger pop appeal without losing their lo-fi and acoustic touch. Zu Spät (not a cover version) and Das Schlimmste are sounding like Die Ärzte on their unplugged album. Geh Doch is a darker sad song that isn’t too bad and the last track Mörderballade is a fine country song.

There is a certain amount of talent in Motovun, but the band is still far away from its zenith. Motovun seem not to have been ready for a full length CD and they need further musical development. An EP would have been a wiser choice. Motovun should give their music a stronger and more commercial pop appeal. When you consider their label, this shouldn’t be an impossible venture.

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