MOUNT STEALTH - Mount Stealth

Mount Stealth - Mount Stealth

6 songs
30:31 minutes
***** **
Breakfast / Chez Kito Kat


There comes a time when you get the impression that there are more active musicians then actual bands in Luxembourg, and that’s when even artists start talking about musician recycling. In the case of Mount Stealth, we have the remains of indie pop band Miaow Miaow who were joined by former members of Mutiny On The Bounty La Fa Connected to form Mount Stealth. To drop even more names, some of the musicians also used to play in Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow, Actarus and Metro.

Unlike their three earlier bands, it’s back now to instrumental music, which may be a little disappointing for those among us who think that there are already quite enough of those around. It must be said though that in Mount Stealth’s favour, they do more than just rehashing the same old post rock scenarios. But more about that later! Let’s start with the opener 1950, an unfortunate slow start that lacks the dynamic tension of what it to follow. More satisfying is consequently the band’s first single Azymuth, even if the influence of Battles is occasionally overly strong. Instead of African flavoured polyrhythms, drummer Max offers his precise beats that make him something like a human automaton. The bass guitar has a very prominent place in the mix, which I really like. The guitars blend in with the other instruments, and it is striking that the band is using a lot of interesting synth sounds that add to the music’s atmosphere. On Tortuga the band continues to mix the electronic sounds of Battles, played entirely organically though, with post rock patterns.

The second half of the EP starts with Plus/Minus, a pleasant song with a captivating melody played on electric piano. The final two tracks Vices and Geronimo deliver more of this interesting mix. This may overall not be something new, but enriching post rock melancholy with the more driving patterns of electro rock manages to pull it off through the thirty generous minutes of the EP.

As a debut, this is already very promising. The musicians are beyond reproach when it comes to their talents, and the production is also quite successful in giving each instrument enough room in the mix. The future will certainly see Mount Stealth elaborating on their style by distilling hopefully into something more of their own design. And who knows?, maybe just like Mutiny On The Bounty, they will dare to add some vocals one day. Mount Stealth definitely deserve to be put on your radar.

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