MOUSSE 20 - The Phaedra Project

Mousse 20 - The Phaedra Project

10 songs
36:12 minutes

Mousse 20 is more a project than a band, and their first CD is furthermore a soundtrack for an avantgarde theatre piece called The Phaedra Project. I never saw the piece, as I hate theatre even more than dentist visits, but I guess that Mousse 20 catch the atmosphere of Phaedra really well. That does not mean of course that you are in for an easy listening session. The music is very experimental, and mostly electronics. I have been listening to the CD all day long, and start to like Videogame 2, Kokon 1 and Kokon 2. Carcrash on the other hand has some really dull spoken word parts that nearly always want me to smack the speakers in their faces. Either I have an agression problem or they are really some pretentious pricks. I donít know what to say more about Mousse 20. The name is mysterious (spoken like the French word for champagne), the song titles are cryptic, and I even think that the CD is sold at a very social price. I donít have a mailing address, but you can send email to this address and they might tell you more about Mousse 20 and where to get the CD. As I have very, very ambivalent feelings about this CD, I rate it with a very ambivalent 5 and let everybody make up their own mind about this CD. Interesting, it is though.

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