moussevingt - lovesongsformachines (cd 2)

moussevingt - lovesongsformachines (cd 2)

6 songs
42:39 minutes
***** ***

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We had to wait quite some time for the release of the second CD in the lovesongsformachines series by Luxembourg indie avant electronica phenomenon moussevingt (the only band so far who had three albums reviewed on these pages).

The first part, released in late 2002, already contained weird electronic industrial soundscapes, enhanced with more normal instrumentation. On the successor, moussevingt take it a step further and have written for the first time in their history a real pop song. The opener jump down (in a real way) is a true gem, combining the frailty of mid-Eighties Robert Wyatt with more noisy pop beats. It's funny, that for the only pop song they ever did, they really made it awesome. Another rather accessible tune is lovesong to the machines, which is a breakbeat rendition of the old blues standard My Funny Valentine. The other two regular songs the travelling twins and midi vrai could also have been found on the first lovesongsformachines CD. Once you get past the normal stuff, it's time for two remixes or collages that take up each about 10 minutes. These tracks have been taken from recordings done at the exhibition (for further information read the review of the first CD) and put together in a listenable way.

The whole CD finally has been added in Jang Linster's studio, but don't worry, you won't find any Fausti happiness around here. The second lovesongsformachines is not only the logical succession of the first one, but with two more normal songs, moussevingt prove that they have the power to write captivating music. I don't know yet what their future will be like, but if they continue this way, there is still much to expect of them. Logically I remain with an 8 point rating, as both CDs are sold as a unit. Listen and experience weird stuff.

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