MOUTH CURVED MOONLIKE - Mouth Curved Moonlike

Mouth Curved Moonlike - Mouth Curved Moonlike

5 songs
23:12 minutes
***** ****


Low budgets can sometimes spark original ideas. Mouth Curved Moonlike from Baltimore Maryland must have spent all their money on the exquisite production by Frank Marchand (Bob Mould, The Decemberists, The Thermals,…) so that that they were out of means when it came to packaging. So they just took two monochrome printed cardboard squares and hand-sowed them together. Such a packaging makes you curious for the inside, and the self-titled debut-EP from the four-piece doesn’t disappoint.

The opener Familiar Evil Faces reminds me instantly of the criminally underrated Last Crack who used to release a few great albums in the early Nineties. I doubt that MCM had that in mind, considering that most really great bands suffer a shadow existence. So what you get on their five songs are dreamy rock structures with progressive moments, enchanting vocals and a decent grittiness which forbids the band to ever wallow in shallow waters.

Citing Pink Floyd, Radiohead and GYBE among their influences, you get already a very good sonic picture of what you can expect here. Fortunately MCM find a niche for themselves, making this debut release one of the very few items that not only can claim to be highly original, but which also convinces with great songwriting and an accessibility which seems to be screaming for success. If these guys can top this EP by releasing an album with equally perfect material, they are in for the maximum rating next time. This stuff is just grand.

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