Mucupurulent - Soul Reaver

11 songs
37:32 minutes
***** **


Mucupurulent will certainly win the first prize when it comes to the bandname with the most letter 'u' in it, and will also head in among the first ones when it comes to unreadable band logos. This must be related to the band's past, because as far as I am informed, Mucupurulent from Germany used to be a sicko gore grind band.

Soul Reaver is their third album (their first one for Morbid Records), and nowadays they describe their style as grind'n'roll. With all due honours to their grind past, I can't hear many grind elements in their music anymore, and I am much more reminded of the so-called death'n'roll genre of the late 90ies (Entombed, Disgrace, Pakeni). What sets Mucupurulent apart from these bands is a certain grooviness they achieve with computer beats and samples.

It's clear that these guys are professionals already, and even if not every song is a hit, they still know how to play kick-ass music that develops its ultimate charm probably on the live set. I suggest that you check out Soul Reaver if you liked danceable death metal. This might just be what you are looking for.

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