MUFF - Muff

Muff - Muff

4 songs
13:54 minutes
***** **


Muff are a newcomer band from Burgdorf (close to Hannover) and I met them at the Emergenza newcomer contest finals where they classified at position 5 among 26 bands. Furthermore they were the highest classified German band at the 2003 edition. After this respectable success, Muff returned to the studio to record a four-track-EP containing new and classic stuff. The band follows the musical direction of their debut EP released in 2002, although the sound production is much denser. Muff play modern alternative rock music. I especially like the female vocals which are melodic and rough at the same time. My favourite song still is Boy Toy which was already featured on the debut. It's a fast alternative rock song with a simple melody and this song shows hit potential. In general, their faster songs are better, as Not The End which is another great track that surely makes people jump when played live. I think that this is the direction Muff should continue in the future as those rocking tracks are more convincing than Don't Try (mid tempo) or My Way (slow). There is already potential in Muff, but it's still a long way to the top.

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