MUFF - Queen

Muff - Queen

8 songs
29:29 minutes
***** *


Muff are a newcomer band from Burgdorf (close to Hannover) and I came in contact with them at the European finals of the Emergenza contest where they came in fifth among 26 bands in 2003, and were classified as best German band of this edition.

This is a review of their debut EP Queen which was released in early 2002 and the band isn't able to show the same positive aspects like during their gig in the Taubertal. Muff play solid rock music with alternative elements. Their female singer has quite a good and rough voice that she uses in different ways. Although it's not bad for a start, Muff still lack originality. Songs like Toy Boy or My Air are just too close to early Die Happy, who seem to be an inspiration, although Muff are definitely harder than them. The heavy Not A Queen, the crossover Be and the very fast last track Looser (why is this word so often spelled the wrong way?) underline that Muff like to rock. But: rocking is a thing they do better on stage than on this debut. Right now, they are working on a second CD and I'm optimistic that the result will be more promising.

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