Murder Corporation - Tagged & Bagged

11 songs
32:19 minutes
***** ***


Just another sideproject... this would be a very unfair judgment. Even though it's true that Murder Corporation are more or less the same people as the Swedish death metal band Deranged, they former started out already in 1996 with their first album, and since then released a multitude of EPs and split-releases. Tagged & Bagged is so far only their second full length release, but it is well worth the wait.

I won't compare them to Deranged, because it's been about 2 or 3 years since I listened to one of their records, but Murder Corporation are probably no worse. The CD contains 11 old school death metal songs that develop their very own charm through breakneck speed, killer production and a certain raw thrashiness.

It's hard to compare this album... not that it is very original, but Murder Corporation have the ability to combine blast speed death metal with late Eighties thrash metal, hide in a very sly way groove parts that remind of Entombed. It's Swedish, and that's the way it's sounding, too, but aggression and brutality are a lot higher than on your standard Northern death metal release.

Thrash nostalgic will revel in the coverversion of Nuclear Assault's Survive, and the only negative aspect of this CD is that it's already over after a good half hour.

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