MURDERER’S ROW - Beer Fueled Mayhem

Murderer’s Row - Beer Fueled Mayhem

11 songs
31:19 minutes


Murderer’s Row from New York City play a crude mix of oi punk and rock’n’roll, owing as much to The Business as they do to Motörhead, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. That’s entertaining, if not really original, but a look at the lyrics sheet makes you wonder if something’s wrong with these guys. Their singer Bob Riley, formerly of Stigmata, declares to be a proud father on his Myspace site, and has Ian Stewart’s biography among his favourite books. Although Murderer’s Row don’t have nazi scum lyrics, they are still beneath good taste, inciting violence and trying to justify that sort of behaviour as fun. Mmmh, definitely not my definition of fun!

Anyway, their song Dear Mr. Music Critic makes it clear that they don’t care what people like me think, so if you really want to support a band of mid-thirties men who still like to get drunk (which is ok) and then start a brawl (which is not), then go ahead and buy Beer Fueled Mayhem. People like me are better off spending the money on beer without the music. It is so sad and pathetic when people think drinking and brawling is fun, especially when they are already parents. And if there’s some irony hidden in their lyrics, I apologise for not having spotted it.

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