MUTABOR - Individuum

Mutabor - Individuum

16 songs
73:24 minutes
***** ***


Mutabor is quite a bizarre six-piece from Germany. It's rather unusual to listen to an album where so many different musical styles get mixed up together, without sounding prefabricated. As their songs contain such various elements as pop, rock, punk, reggae, ska and lots of folk, they describe their style as punky reggae party.

Individuum is their fourth regular CD if you don't want to consider their double live album. The first songs are more ska orientated and their fast tunes put you in the right mood to continue listening to the album. Real highlights are the folky tracks called Individuum and Revolution. There are unfortunately 3 or 4 slower songs on the album which don't succeed so well. The vocalist's rap inspired kind of singing reminds me of Das Auge Gottes, one of the best and most underrated German acts in the early 90s. Furthermore, all songs come with very intelligent and critical lyrics which should be listened to. A subject that often appears are the contemporary and often desperate feelings of today's youth. Contrary to hardcore acts, Mutabor do more than just accuse and don't hesitate to wrap the lyrics with lots of humour. Masturbation in der Sonne is definitely their funniest song. Even if the slower songs are a bit disappointing, there are many faster and folkier tracks which make Individuum a very entertaining record.

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