MUTE - The Raven

Mute - The Raven

12 songs
40:22 minutes
***** ***
Fond Of Life


Their name doesn’t do the band justice, but let’s consider this a good thing. The four French Canadians who started Mute in 1998 play melodic punk rock which they like on a high technical level and with decent punch. Beginning as a cover band, they quickly penned their own material before releasing their first EP in the year 2000. The feedback was uniformly positive, helping the band to receive interesting tour offers, so that they didn’t have much time left to spend in studios. That’s why The Raven is only their second longplayer so far.

The opener Apocalypse Soon reveals instantly what to expect from Mute. The band has found the ideal balance between melody and heaviness, playing some kind of skate punk that couldn’t sound any more Californian. Lagwagon, Rise Against, Satanic Surfers, Bad Religion and their compatriots Belvedere (nowadays performing as This Is A Standoff) are a few comparisons that come to mind. Their ideas are decades old, but the harmonies still know to please. Atrophied, Burning Wreck and Fading Out wouldn’t feel wrong on a Bad Religion best-of compilation, so high is Mute’s level already. Their music is totally thrilling, and it takes quite a lot of self-discipline not to join the great choruses that are partly sung by three simultaneous voices.

All twelve featured tracks have turned out splendidly and always come directly to the point. Therefore you can’t really blame the musicians that occasionally some parts sound overly familiar. The Raven allowed me to have a really good time, and I am convinced that this CD will find its way into my stereo also in the future.

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