Mutiny On The Bounty - Danger Mouth

11 songs
40:31 minutes
***** ****
Redfield / Big Scary Monsters


Luxembourg has been waiting long for the debut album of Mutiny On The Bounty. Four years ago, they were considered something like an all-star band and released a split-CD with the now defunct Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow. In the meantime, they played a lot of concerts, and promised their growing fan base that they were working on adding vocals to their music, although this took longer than expected.

Present time: MOTB have long since reached a status where they are considered a regular band, and extensive touring all over Europe have allowed them to sign to Redfield (Germany) and Big Scary Monsters (UK) to make their first longplayer Danger Mouth available all over Europe. Favourable words in the reputable magazine NME have helped to make the expectations even bigger. And don’t worry: MOTB will not disappoint.

The CD starts with Call Me Cheesus, with five minutes one of their longer songs and already known from a Rockhal compilation. From here on, they prove that they can keep this excellent level throughout the forty minutes running time of Danger Mouth. MOTB still play their mathy indie rock, although they have managed to insert a healthy portion of melodies. The shared vocals by drummer Sacha, bass player Pi and guitarist Pzey not only make for variety, but also conjure a festive character unfamiliar in this otherwise often too heady genre. Only guitar wizard Luciano concentrates solely on his instrument.

Their past made them probably insert three instrumental songs, but they don’t disturb, if anything, they make an intelligent bridge between their past and present. Even though there are a few artists providing electronic beats and piano, MOTB’s sound is throughout dominated by these four stellar musicians. Adding a welcome catchiness to their complex math rock inspired music allows them to extend to other genres like post punk and indie rock. The flawless production in conjunction with the elaborate songwriting finally elevate Danger Mouth to something you would certainly not have expected in the band’s early days. Mutiny On The Bounty are not only one of the best bands from Luxembourg, they even play their original music on such a high level that international success will only be a question of time. The times where local bands were often charming but rarely outstanding have long been over!

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