Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials

12 songs
49:35 minutes
***** ****


Trials, the second longplayer by Mutiny On The Bounty, came out already in April 2012, but it took nearly one year before we got a promotional copy to review. The band’s been around for nearly ten years and first drew attention with their split-CD with the long since dissolved Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow in 2005. Their first longplayer Danger Mouth was released in 2009 and was very well received by fans of quality instrumental math rock, and even though the band was no longer a purely instrumental outfit, vocals were rather sparse. The vocal tracks worked well for me, and therefore I am happy to hear that the band hasn’t given up on them, even if they are still rare.

The band recruited two new musicians for Trials, and definitely managed to evolve. This shouldn’t surprise, as Mutiny On The Bounty are a busy touring band, even unafraid to leave the European continent. The songs on Trials are enormously powerful, complex and technical, but somehow also very catchy. Even though the songs are quite hard rocking, there is also room for electronic sounds. Vocals can be heard on seven of the twelve tracks, which is an improvement on its predecessor. Vocalist Sacha, who is also the band’s drummer, has a really great singing voice, and it’s therefore actually a shame that he’s keeping back on so many songs. Two other musicians are providing backing vocals, so that everything sounds very harmonically in the end. The band puts also a lot of effort into their instrumental tracks, and therefore they didn’t hesitate to release Myanmar as a single and video clip. The first single though was Artifacts, a vocal track. I also want to point out Then Men Who Had Everything and the short and straight Statues which are closer to classic indie rock. Rather surprising and unusual is the quieter Candies that nearly reminded me of Alter Bridge. All of these examples show how varied and multifarious Mutiny On The Bounty have become over the years.

The album was recorded and produced in Seattle by Matt Bayles who worked already with bands like Minus The Bear, Russian Circles, Mastodon and Isis. It is undeniable that this Luxembourgish band is taking their music very seriously. They are right now not only the most popular band in Luxembourg, but also an important rock export whose success is climbing incessantly. Listen to Trials and you will understand why!

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