MVP - The Altar

MVP - The Altar

14 songs
59:45 minutes
***** *


Mike Vescera started out in the mid-Eighties with the semi-legendary metal outfit Obsession... semi-legendary as they were featured on one of the very early Metal Massacre albums. Later on he joined Yngwie Malmsteen where he became more of a melodic metal vocalist. MVP is logically Michael Vescera Project, where he is joined by a lot of semi-famous people like Roland Grapow (Helloween), Mike Clashiak (Halford), Jim Bell (David Wayne's Metal Church) and many more.

The name dropping of so many not-too-well-known musicians plus the fact that Vescera used to sing for the metal legend Loudness indicates in my opinion clearly that MVP is mostly targeted at the Japanese market, and if my information is correct, then this is already their 3rd album, which isn't too bad for something that calls itself only a project.

Musically it's of course more or less just the way you would expect an album like that: Vescera takes care that his vocals come out clear and strong, and you have to admit that there are worse melodic metal vocalists around. The many involved guitar players guarantee a melodic but also surprisingly heavy sound, which is emphasised by the gloomy cover artwork and song titles like Crucified, The Altar and On Our Way (To Hell).

This is certainly not an album I would listen to by myself, but those who like melodic metal with a certain punch should check out MVP.

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