MY BELOVED - Force Feeding Love

My Beloved - Force Feeding Love

8 songs
53:11 minutes
***** ***


Three years ago, Copenhagen quartet My Beloved taught me the meaning of the genre post goth. Now they are finally back with their third longplayer Force Feeding Love, and they haven’t basically changed much of their approach, except that they have become even more refined. Let’s face it: post rock has become some kind of dead-end street in the last years, making it harder for bands to come up with something new. And while My Beloved are certainly not reinventing the genre, they pay special attention to their sound which comes across even more brooding than the genre usually allows. The nine minute long opener Backworld Blues expectedly takes some time to build momentum, but eventually it gets there. The following Hell’s Kitchen has a guest violinist, which brings that track suspiciously close to the wide open soundscapes of the Australian Dirty Three.

Instead of just emphasising impenetrable guitar walls, My Beloved share the lead section between the screaming, wailing guitar and the piano whose clear sound feels like a last beacon of hope within this sonic turmoil. With the remaining songs ranging between five and seven minutes, My Beloved are far away from the never ending escapades that many other genre bands practise. These concise lengths prevent the songs from ever becoming tedious, and apart from the opener, you rarely have to wait for a long time for something meaningful to happen.

Force Feeding Love is one of the most claustrophobic pieces of music I have heard in a long time. It’s driven by angst, despair and bleakness, but instead of relying on melancholy, the Danes have chosen catharsis as a means to express themselves. This is the perfect soundtrack for the approaching winter and its long, cold, black nights. Definitely not suited for depressive and suicidal people!

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