MY BELOVED - On Happiness Hill

My Beloved - On Happiness Hill

8 songs
52:07 minutes
***** **
Vicious / Fono'gram


My Beloved claim to have invented the postgoth genre. Granted, the opener The Duel On Happiness Hill could be The Cure jamming on without Robert Smith present to deliver his vocals, but you might as well say that My Beloved play regular instrumental post rock somewhere between GYBE and Mogwai. Then again that wouldn't do them justice because they are much more than just a simple clone, which again explains why they strife to invent a new genre.

It's now the fourth time I am listening to the second album from this Danish four-piece, and although it doesn't overwhelm me, it still is nice to discover new elements with every repeated listening. Apart from using your typical rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums), My Beloved's music mostly takes advantage from Lars Kivig's lyrical piano playing, adding a soundtracky atmosphere to the sound. Samples, tapes and e-bow guitar lend the music at times an ambient quality. The opener, King Of The Mountain and the two last songs are more subdued, the remaining four tracks work like proper postrock, starting with a quiet melody, building it up into a crescendo. This works fine because the four members all are more than at ease at their instruments, and even if there are structural similarities to GYBE (except that here the songs "only" average six minutes) and noisy parallels to Mogwai, My Beloved still keep their own integrity, with enough power to prevent them from being sleepy heads (not that uncommon in their genre, unfortunately), and certainly enough talent to attract people outside their native Denmark.

On Happiness Hill needs a couple of takes before it unfolds its true power, but once it got you hooked, you will appreciate this solid postgoth or postrock album.

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