MY DARKEST HATE - To Whom It May Concern

My Darkest Hate - To Whom It May Concern

11 songs
40:29 minutes
***** ****


To Whom It May Concern is the second album by the German death metal band My Darkest Hate. This is not sounding too spectacular, but when you hear that the band consists of musicians by metal traditionalists Sacred Steel and Primal Fear, you really are astonished. Although all musicians have a completely different background, they have produced together death metal of highest international standard. Don't expect only blasting attacks on this record! It is much more diverse. Of course there are very brutal and traditional death metal parts on songs like Built By Gods or Eye For An Eye. The band also successfully risks trying other musical styles which underlines their broad musical horizon. Scars contains a lot of grind elements, My Darkest Hate is a doomer and Fallen From Grace shows that the band also has been influenced by early Celtic Frost. The CD also contains a cover version of Brain Dead, originally performed by Exodus. Give this album a chance and you will notice that it is one of the best extreme metal records which has been released this year.

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