My Fate - MMVI

4 songs
21:02 minutes
***** *


Finnish metal band My Fate, formed in 2001, has already released two EPs and two long players. Their new EP MMVI shows the band with a new singer. It’s possible to download the music for free on the band’s homepage, which is a laudable initiative, but there will also be a limited signed edition for sale.

The cover artwork is too dark, and the contrasts so low that I first didn’t recognise two musicians on the band photo and thought that My Fate were be a three-piece. Judging their music is a more complicated task than writing about the cover. My biggest problem are the vocals during the verses that give you the impression to listen to a Clawfinger CD. There are some more crossover riffs on different songs which is a little annoying. The choruses are more melodic and remind me of Stone Sour. The opener Upstream has its best moments towards the chaotic end which sounds like an early Suicidal Tendencies recording. Noise Machine promises more than it actually keeps, and is rooted too firmly in the Nineties. The longer Drifting In Shadows has a strong Type O Negative influence. It is the EP’s best song, although a little too long. Follow The Blind starts as a mixture of crossover and nu metal, but shows some beautiful instrumental passages.

My Fate are combining different sounds rather unorthodoxically, which is very positive, but sometimes too confusing with a lack of structure. I’m not familiar with My Fate’s past works, but the new singer didn’t impress me too much. The band should concentrate more on their instrumental parts.

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