MYLIDIAN - Birth Of The Prophet

Mylidian - Birth Of The Prophet

8 songs
41:54 minutes
***** ****


Ambition is a good thing, especially for a band that comes from a wasteland when it comes to heavy metal. French band Mylidian, although playing together for more than a decade already, released this year their debut album Birth Of The Prophet, and just like you would algebraically expect, they combine the symphonic majesty of Italian power speed metal with the dark grandeur of Norwegian black metal, although these latter parts only play a minor role.

Mylidian opted to start their recording career with a trilogy of concept album, of which Birth Of The Prophet is a more than promising start. Although the band uses the genre typical instruments, they also rely heavily on guest artists, giving their sound many epic keyboard parts but also female vocal parts and choir passages. It's especially the many different contributing voices that lend the album an atmosphere of unparalleled drama, making this the dark metal opera the band claims it to be.

At one moment, the band even switches to its native French language, thus adding even a more unfamiliar moment to the music, making me wish they had had the courage or will to make the entire album in the more poetic sounding French. The songwriting pays mostly attention to the perfect arrangements, so we can overlook the fact that Mylidian don't write the catchy melodies you find on a Kamelot or Rhapsody Of Fire album. Also the songs come in relatively predictable ways, with all songs, but a short intro and the long three-part The Cursed Son, oscillating around the five-minute border.

But these are just tiny details, really. The album may also not be the longest one, but Mylidian use their 42 minutes to their fullest effect, combining two parts melodic power speed metal to one part epic black metal, and spicing it all up with original ideas not many newcomer bands think of. Birth Of The Prophet is one of the best heavy metal debuts of 2006.

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