My Name Is George - Wow!

12 songs
37:12 minutes


My Name Is George from Winterthur in Switzerland released a self-titled debut EP in 2004. Wow! is their first full-length recorded which was released two years later.

As the band name is a nod to the late Beatle George Harrison, you can expect a mixture of Sixties beat, pop and rock’n’roll, but partly wrapped up into a more contemporary sound. This works sometimes extremely well, like on the fresh sounding opener Supermarket and on Modern Life Is Never Easy which has a nice Brit pop flair. There are some more tracks which are above average, but the album unfortunately has a lot of dark spots.

The Moment was already released on the preceding EP, even though this song isn’t so good that it justifies a re-release. The ballad Take Me To That Place is so disastrous that any boy band wouldn’t have done it worse. There are a couple of songs with a few interesting elements (wah wah effects on Bullfrog Lady, organ on The Waltz-Time Bastard, surf elements on Last Train To Paris), but the clean and too nice vocals by Albert den Dekker sound like a fourteen year old kid behind the microphone.

If their next album wants a better rating, then more diverse song writing and more energetic vocals are imperative. Wow! was maybe good enough to win the DRS3 Swisstop award in 2006, but it’s not enough to make me say “wow” in amazement.

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