MY NAME IS MUSIC - Revolution

My Name Is Music - Revolution

13 songs
46:06 minutes


I really have no problem listening to a badly done rock record, but things become more complicated when I am in the presence of something admittedly well done but somehow making it really atrocious for me. I was instantly intrigued by the cover artwork of My Name Is Music’s debut album Revolution. This duo from Austria’s administrative and cultural capital Vienna has developed its own brand of minimalism, and while in their early days they reduced their music to bass guitar and vocals, they have since then mellowed their strict approach by allowing other instruments like guitar, harmonica and assorted percussion into their sound.

The music is nearly exclusively performed by Niki Altmann, the male part of the band, while his female counterpart Phoebe Hall is in charge of the vocals. It is undeniable that she has a very developed voice, but unfortunately it is one of those that really hurt my ears. Her rather high voice might certainly appeal to some lucky people who will consequently have a real gem to discover, but those allergic to certain kinds of female voices will just as quickly run away. Unfortunately, I belong to the latter group.

My Name Is Music play a very stripped down kind of lo-fi blues with undeniable jazz and soul influences, and despite the incredibly sparse instrumentation – there’s hardly ever more than one instrument per song – the great music skill makes more than up for it. Fans of minimalist pop music are encouraged to give this Austrian duo a chance, but be prepared that this Revolution may not be for everyone.

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