MY SO CALLED LIFE - On Phonelines And Letterheads

My So Called Life - On Phonelines And Letterheads

7 songs
20:34 minutes
***** ***


Three years in the making, and then having the guts to put three instrumentals (Intro, Interlude and Outro) next to four regular songs, one of which was previously released already on a split-EP… Somehow this minimalist releasing schedule contradicts their label’s claim that the band is constantly touring. Let’s hope they play more than four songs every evening!

But let’s not worry too much, because On Phonelines And Letterheads is one hell of a way to start a career. Settling themselves firmly between fluffy emo and good natured pop punk, the South British foursome never forgets what this is really about: incredibly catchy songs. The first regular track, Revenge Against The Black Hearted Fairies, not only show the band’s predilection for weird titles (as can be witnessed also on the three remaining vocal tracks), but manages without ever bringing anything new to the emo pop punk genre to still stand out on its own. Combining the melancholy of Sunny Day Real Estate with the more driving beats of Jimmy Eat World, My So Called Life eventually deliver their very own thing due to their exceptionally mature songwriting. Even the three instrumentals fit seamlessly into the overall picture, knitting together the different pieces.

If My So Called Life are able to maintain this high level on a longplayer, they have all the chances in the world to make it to the top of the emo scene, as long as people are willing to recognise that this genre can also spawn worthwhile bands outside the USA.

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