THE MYSTERY - Soulcatcher

The Mystery - Soulcatcher

15 songs
56:24 minutes
***** **
Limited Access


German band The Mystery has been active for about twelve years, although they released their debut Scars only in 2005. After changing their vocalist, they had to look for a new front-woman to record their second album Soulcatcher.

Current vocalist Korry Schadwell not only has a head full of curly blonde hair, but also doesn’t even start to torture us with clear angel or strained operatic vocals, as is so often fashionable these days in the metal community. Free from all current trends, The Mystery play heavy rock with melodic elements, as it was rather popular in the Eighties. At times they remind me of Warlock, but that’s not so bad, because there are nowadays few bands who sound like that and also Doro Pesch has long since said goodbye to her heavy metal roots, which is understandable after a career spanning twenty-five years.

Fans of timeless heavy metal should have a good time with Soulcatcher, because The Mystery act very classically, even conservatively. The songs are mostly rather fast and please with catchy choruses and elaborate guitar solos. The production is fortunately more contemporary than the musical roots. Quieter moments are served with the airplay compatible Suicidal Thoughts and the nice ballad Unready To Die.

Only the exaggerated running time flaws the overall good impression, because The Mystery still lack the power to impress for such a long time. A quarter hour less would have prevented some ideas from being repeated. I respect the band’s traditional approach, but eventually would have wished for a little more power and steam. Apart from these small flaws, Soulcatcher has definitely become a pleasant album.

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