MYSTERY BLUE - Conquer The World

Mystery Blue - Conquer The World

11 songs
55:49 minutes
***** ***
M & O


Mystery Blue from the French town of Strasbourg were founded back in 1978. Even though guitarist Frenzy is the only remaining original member, the three newer musicians also know their trade when it comes to classic, timeless heavy metal. Even though the band can celebrate this year their thirty-fifth anniversary, Conquer The World is only their seventh longplayer so far, which can be explained by the fact that the band went occasionally on hiatus during their long history.

Compared to its predecessor Hell & Fury from 2009, not much has changed with Mystery Blue, but that shouldn’t be taken as a criticism. The band stands for traditional heavy metal located somewhere between Dio, Judas Priest and Helstar. Focal point is still vocalist Nathalie Geyer who draws parallels to Doro Pesch (Warlock) and Ann Boleyn (Hellion). She has a powerful voice that masters the faster parts as well as the quieter ones. The songs are never overly complex, but still have a sufficient amount of dynamics and variety to keep the listener’s attention throughout. Also they are quite catchy, making it easy to recognise different parts already the second time around. Only on the sixth track Ticket To Hell, the spark doesn’t seem to ignite. Most songs are kept at a brisk pace, with occasional excursions into mid-tempo territory. Like their albums before, Conquer The World contains one mellower piece. Keep On Dreaming hints already at being a ballad, and as a matter of fact, this piece is very different from the remaining material, but let’s face it: Mystery Blue are always at their best when they let it rock unrelentingly.

Don’t expect any innovation with Mystery Blue, but then I doubt that their fan base would welcome experimentalism. If you like timeless heavy metal, the way it is still popular for true metal fans, then you are at the right address here and can grab Conquer The World without thinking twice.

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