MYSTERY BLUE - Demo 2002

Mystery Blue - Demo 2002

3 songs
10:26 minutes
***** ****


How about a journey back into the 80ies? Mystery Blue are a French heavy metal band that started out already 20 years ago and released two albums in the mid-Eighties. I have to admit that I never heard of them back then, but then also I need to confess that back then my metal horizon was limited to AC/DC, Kiss and Iron Maiden. The late 90ies saw a comeback with the new vocalist Nathalie who probably visited elementary school when the band started out.

So basically, guitar player Frenzy is the only remaining original member, but that doesn't mean that this reunion is unnecessary. Quite on the contrary! What you get here is crunching 80ies metal, with all the virtues of that style, plus a production worthy of the new millennium. Frenzy has a really cool guitar style, very old-school, hinting at guitar heroism, but always putting his playing into proper context (no egoising here). He's backed by a very solid rhythm section. As desserts always come last, I only mention now Nathalie's vocals that have been compared to a lot of other female singers, but she's something unique. A true rock siren, she handles everything perfectly from high pitched screams on thrash songs like Roller Coaster Ride (my favourite song on the demo) to more emotional parts on the semi-ballad opener Dark Visions.

If the band is able to come out with a whole album full of songs like the three featured on the demo, I will give a maximum rating. So far there's 9 fat points for a great produced demo-CD which should appeal to every person who still longs for real metal music. You can order the demo for 5 Euros at the band's homepage.

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