Mystic Circle - Damien

11 songs
40:34 minutes
***** ****


Mystic Circle have released their fifth CD called Damien, a concept album about the Omen movies. As those movies are dealing with the Devil, which band would have been a better choice than Mystic Circle, probably Germany's best black metal band? Their previous CD The Great Beast was less fast than this CD and they called themselves an epic dark metal band. Now they have gone back to the roots and don't have a problem to be back in black again. A major difference between the two CDs is the lack of keyboards on the new one. Mystic Circle were able to become heavier and more brutal and they have even become technically a step closer to perfection. Songs like God Is Dead - Satan Arise or Servants Of Twilight are just two prime examples to show how a good black metal song should be structured: enormously speedy drums, blasting guitars and extremely sick vocals. This is quite a remarkable debut for the new drummer Necrodemon who is only 22 years old. To me, Damien is the best Mystic Circle CD so far and they definitely aren't worse than Immortal or Ancient, the kings of black metal. A must-have for friends of dark and heavy sounds.

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