Mystic Prophecy - Fireangel

11 songs
46:10 minutes
***** **


Mystic Prophecy are doubtlessly one of Germany’s busier bands. Founded only in 2001, the power metal band has recently released it’s already sixth longplayer Fireangel. Since its predecessor Satanic Curses from 2007, there have been three line-up changes, leaving singer Roberto Liapakis as the only founding member.

On Fireangel Mystic Prophecy show that they have a deep understanding of power metal. The vocals by the Greek vocalist sound quite raw most of the time, the drums deliver the necessary punch, and also the guitars have enough bite. You won’t find any keyboards on this album! Compared to their previous works, the band is acting somewhat tamer this time. Although some tracks, like Death Under Control and We Kill You Die, are rocking quite decently, and even feature a slight thrash component, the mid-tempo range isn’t neglected either. Revolution Evil and Gods Of War are two prime examples of this. Actually most tracks come with fast and quieter moments, only the proportions vary. In theory this doesn’t sound bad at all, but I still found two points of criticism. For one the band isn’t acting very innovatively when it comes to instrumentation, and also there are a few repetitive elements.

I am not the biggest fan of the melodic power metal genre, but I can imagine that Fireangel should still find its adherents among fans. After all Mystic Prophecy have had enough time to build themselves a reputation.

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