Mystic Prophecy - Savage Souls

11 songs
59:39 minutes
***** **


Savage Souls is the fourth album by Mystic Prophecy, a band formed by busy musicians from Germany, Sweden and Greece. All of them have at least another band (Valley's Eve, Headstone Epitaph, Symphorce, Sacred Steel). Although all members come from European countries, their influences are definitely located in the United States.

Mystic Prophecy call their music dark power metal to underline that there are differences between them and German acts like Helloween, Gamma Ray or Grave Digger. But that shouldn't mean that Mystic Prophecy are doing anything extraordinary. Already twenty years ago this was called US power metal and Mystic Prophecy's sound is rather close to bands like Omen, Virgin Steele, Sanctuary or Metal Church and Iced Earth when they are trying harder passages.

The song writing itself is more or less quite convincing. There are real smashers like the fierce opener Shadows Beyond My Soul, the rather brutal Evil Empires and Sins And Sorrows which has absolute killer riffs. The only two tracks I consider below average are the title track that somehow doesn't rock and the obligatory ballad (Into The Fire) that closes the album.

The instrumentation is rather straightforward, you won't find any bombast or exaggerated choruses on the record. No keyboards try to put progressive elements into the music, which can be seen as a real tribute to Eighties power metal. If Mystic Prophecy were able to put some more variation into their music, a higher rating would be possible.

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