MY TV IS DEAD - Freedomatic

My TV Is Dead - Freedomatic

15 songs
65:51 minutes
***** **
dEPOT 214


Released already over two years ago, My TV Is Dead’s debut album Freedomatic only found now its way to our reviewing desk. Back then, the Belgian duo consisting of vocalist Amaury Massion and musician JoŽl Grignard in charge of guitar, bass and programming, even presented the album at the Rockhal, an event which I unfortunately missed.

The duo calls their music electronic rock, but thanks to a lot of session musicians, the songs have quite an organic feeling and could as well be labelled indie rock. Like so many Belgian bands, My TV Is Dead can’t really shake off the overwhelming influence of dEUS, although there is also a lot of Radiohead present in their sound. The latter is not really surprising, having two related items (radio and TV) within their band names which even rhyme.

The fifteen tracks contained on Freedomatic make it to nearly sixty-six minutes, which is maybe a little overindulgent for a song-based record, but this vast running time gives the duo ample opportunity to switch between more melancholic work and their catchier pop based tunes. All in all this may therefore not be a truly original sounding piece of work, but the songs have been arranged in a sequence that doesn’t allow the album to ever becoming monotonous and boring. I like the band best on their more accessible material (Thinking Of You, Daydream), but the overall impression is very good from beginning to start.

If the two Belgians are able to keep up the good work and next time come up with a more concise, less sprawling effort, they could very well surprise with a masterpiece of electro influenced indie pop. Definitely not at all bad for a debut!

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