MZ - Nostalgic Heroes

MZ - Nostalgic Heroes

11 songs
50:43 minutes
***** **


A quick look at the song titles (Nightfall Prelude, Maudlin Adagio, Moderato Capriccio,…) reveals that we’re in for some neo-classical heavy metal. MZ from France have already released their fifth album since the year 2000, and their experience shows. Unlike many other bands inspired by classical music from the late 18th and early 19th century, MZ are not led by a guitar player, but by Markus Fortunato who is a very skilled bass player, as he proves on the solo piece Polytheist, a short and very lyrical study that shows that bass soloing can be so much more than Joey deMaio testosterone filled macho antics.

The regular songs are high class neo-classical heavy metal, taking their main inspiration probably from Yngwie Malmsteen, although MZ are less prominent on the guitar solos. As is so often the problem with this genre, the vocalist has a very peculiar, rather high tone of singing, which may be an acquired taste, but still something which denies me giving a higher rating.

Still, when it comes to heavy metal, I prefer this retro-inspired fantasy metal to most true or melodic power metal bands who have less of an own identity. Nostalgic Heroes carries its adjective rightfully, and if you are a fan of virtuoso heavy metal, you might as well check out this French band with the weird name MZ.

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