NAKED MALL RATS - Somewhere On The Internet

Naked Mall Rats - Somewhere On The Internet

14 songs
35:15 minutes
***** **


In a world that’s moving faster every day, it somehow makes sense that George Korein of Infidel/Castro? fame decided to call up some friends, among others Keith Abrams (Time Of Orchids, PAK), and record an album about the modern society in just under one day. Naked Mall Rats should therefore rather be considered as a project, and unlike the participants’ more serious-minded main bands, Somewhere On The Internet is a recording with a definitive comic edge. Topics like the Internet, Myspace, emoticons and chat room pop up (pardon the pun) all over the place, and place the album firmly in the here and now. Once the Web 2.0 bubble bursts (and that’s only a question of time), Somewhere On The Internet may appear like a juvenile fantasy, but that’s beside the point, as the intention is to deliver a snapshot of a society where people spend more and more time in front of their computers.

From a musical vantage point, you get a surprisingly cohesive album, although most songs sound like unpolished diamonds. The opener and title track for instance comes like an approximation of Time Of Orchids, with a less technical approach. The recordings are severely bass heavy, with a sound that’s difficult to categorise. Maybe post punk meets new wave rock, like The Residents and Devo jamming for fun.

In the end, I like the spontaneous nature of Somewhere On The Internet, but at the same time I lament the fact that these musicians have done so much more impressive in the past, and some of the material on this album has the potential to be really great if the band had put more thought into the sometimes shaky arrangements. But again, that’s beside the point. Somewhere On The Internet is another interesting and ultimately rewarding, if not always too accessible, release in the ever growing catalogue of George Korein.

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