NATAS LOVES YOU - From Natas With Love

Natas Loves You - From Natas With Love

6 songs
21:25 minutes
***** **
Songs For Ben


First there was Back From Fitzgerald, and before hardly anyone took notice, they turned into the really promising Glitter And Trauma whose career highlight was their sizzling gig at the Rock um Knuedler festival. As soon as everyone was certain that they were the new hope of Luxembourgish indie rock music, they changed again name and members, which brings us to Natas Loves You. The first impression was one of a certain letdown. G&T’s excellent vocal department took a step down in favour of the singer of the now defunct Holy National Victims, and that also brought a stylistic change. Instead of continuing their modern alt rock sound, this newly formed band added a whole lot of retro elements, proof of their having dug deeply in their parents’ ancient Beatles and Doors vinyl LPs.

Where their previous bands never made an official release, Natas Loves You can pride themselves of being the first CD on the record label Songs For Ben, a company founded by Fred Baus who is also runs the d:qliq music bar renowned for its intimate indie concerts. Instead of just putting the six track EP into a regular packaging, it was decided to offer it as in a strange soft plastic envelope that reminds of the surprise bags we were so fond of when we were children.

Recorded by Charles Stoltz, we get of course this typical – although excellent – sound that can be heard on many local productions. I dare say though that Natas Loves You are more proficient at their instruments, and also know a thing or two about songwriting, which eventually help to elevate their debut From Natas With Love above your average newcomer output. The opener Apollo’s Whisper is a thoroughbred retro rocker that takes some getting used to. The well researched keyboard sounds give it a nice Sixties flair though. The following Anita, Me And The End shows in my opinion the band at their best. On this short three minute track, the youngsters perfectly combine their love for all things retro with contemporary synth rock. The next three songs are more downbeat and add a lot of emphasis on the splendidly arranged vocal harmonies that more than once recall the Beatles. The EP ends with a slightly longer version of Finished Line whose radio edit has been haunting the local airwaves for some months now already.

Once you discard the mighty shadow of their previous band, Natas Loves You still come out with a solid record, and it seems a wise choice to have restricted themselves to a twenty minute EP as a first sign of life. The instrumentation and arrangements are beyond reproach, one might only wish at times more courage to look harder for an own identity. This band has definite potential. The future will show if they are able and willing to work on their already very present talents to hopefully become one day soon the ambassadors of rock music made in Luxembourg.

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