NEAERA - Armamentarium

Neaera - Armamentarium

11 songs
52:58 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


The Rising Tide Of Oblivion and Let The Tempest Come have been two albums which catapulted Neaera among the top bands of the European metalcore scene. As I liked both records very much, I was of course eager to know if their new CD Armamentarium would be just as good. It is often said that the third album is the crucial one for a band, which in this case could be good news for Neaera.

Neaera have made considerable progress since their last CD which is immediately underlined by the strong opener Spreading The Spawn. This song contains rough bass lines, impressive double bass attacks, aggressive guitar riffs and a perfect combination of brutal grunts and screams. Neaera are no longer a pure metalcore band but have integrated melodic death metal and even some black metal elements into their songwriting. The music is extremely fast and aggressive, and during the entire playing time, the musicians never seem to want to take a break. I cannot find any other description than extreme metal to describe this product. The album is extremely compact and brutal, but there’s always room left to add various breaks into the music. Even the more melodic choruses don’t disturb in these fierce riff attacks. Even if many songs are more than five minutes long, I couldn’t find any boring moments.

Without any doubt, Armamentarium is so far Neaera’s best release. Nowadays many bands are playing violent metal, but it’s not often find a band which is different from the majority. Topping the class of Armamentarium with their next album will be a tough challenge for Neaera.

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