NEAERA - The Rising Tide Of Oblivion

Neaera - The Rising Tide Of Oblivion

13 songs
43:43 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


What a difficult band name to remember! Neaera are a newcomer metal band from Münster, Germany. One founding member with a death metal past decided to play a more modern kind of metal with his new band. If I were mean, I would describe Neaera's debut as another trendy metalcore album. The vocals are most of the times typical hardcore or screamo, but the songs are based on a solid metal structure. Nevertheless Neaera have been able to avoid that all songs on the record are sounding more or less the same. Even if the vocals mostly invite the listener to mosh, Nearea can't get the death metal past out of their minds. Anthem Of Despair and Beyond The Gates are two tracks which distinguish themselves from the rest of the album because of very dark and brutal growling vocals sounding as if they came from the grave. There are also some songs with a much thrashier attitude (Broken Spine, Save The Drowning Child,...) and even influences from nu metal (The World Devourers) and melodic power metal (Definition Of Love) are part of The Rising Tide Of Oblivion. Neaera chose Andy Classen as their producer who did once again a great job so that they can't complain about their sound. They can not only be proud of the great sound, but also of their songwriting which is very complex, especially when you consider that they only were founded at the end of 2003. As there are no blackouts on their debut, Neaera could become the number one contender for the German metalcore throne. Heaven Shall Burn will have to take care in future of this promising newcomer.

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