NECROMANTIA - The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

Necromantia - The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven

8 songs
41:47 minutes
***** ****
Dockyard 1


Although never as popular as Darkthrone or Immortal, Greek duo Necromantia is among the pioneers of the second wave of black metal, having been founded in the late Eighties and starting to release their first albums in the early Nineties. It’s been seven years since their fourth and latest studio album, making The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven a rather unexpected treat. Not familiar with their past, I was mostly surprised to be in the presence of two un-painted black metal artists who consider themselves Satanists and both play the bass guitar, one of them relying on his eight-string version of the instrument to replace the rhythm guitar and even play some very interesting solos on it.

Necromantia’s songs average five minutes, in which they combine old school black metal with heavy Romanticism derived from late 19th century music, although I am not really an expert at this. Fotis Benardo from Septic Flesh played the excellent drums on this album, which is a better solution than revert to programmed beats, as despite the imagery of their music, there is a certain warmth to their sound.

Especially the slightly longer For The Elder Magi: I-Eibon The Necromancer has everything their music has to offer, from gravelly rhythms to pathos laden orchestration and fiercest black metal shrieks.

Most current black metal slightly bores me, but Necromantia’s approach of using two bass guitars and no regular guitars is still fest, even after eighteen years of band history. Combine this with good songwriting, an underground production and no room for gothic kitsch, and you are in the presence of maybe the best black metal album of the year 2007. Highly recommended for everyone who was there when the second movement started, and for those interested in what black metal was like before pretty boys took it over with operatic guest singers and expensive orchestras.

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