NEFAST - An Art Of The Insane

Nefast - An Art Of The Insane

6 songs
10:30 minutes
(demo tape)


I often get weird stuff to review, but the demo tape (isn't the year 2007, actually?) from Nefast may top everything. You shouldn't confound this Nefast with the French death metal band from the 90s sharing the same name. Nefast from Luxemburg is a one-man project by Dan who also is a member of the black metal band Black Candle. On this project, he's playing all instruments (bass, guitars, drums) and is also responsible for the vocals.

To create an authentic feeling for his work, Dan decided to release it only as a demo tape the same way as the death and black metal pioneers did nearly 30 years ago. So the sound quality is very mediocre, but maybe that suits well to the harsh tracks inspired by Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost. What I like most on the tape are the calm doom guitars as on the opener The Faith Obscene. There are five more tracks on the tape, but although I'm now already listening for the fourth time to it, I can't discover all the breaks between the different songs and actually only count four tracks. But some parts that I initially considered as breaks are maybe experiments to play shorter songs than S.O.D. did.

After slightly more than ten minutes, this adventure luckily comes to a quick end. I respect Dan's courage to make everything on his own and the fact that he really does what he likes by ignoring all current trends. But I never grow too fond of the weird guitars and the monotone vocals. Listening to the tape surely is an experience worth doing once, but probably not too many times.

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