NEIL ZAZA - Melodica

Neil Zaza - Melodica

15 songs
73:13 minutes


I enjoyed the clown on the cover, and also the circus intro to the album, but from there on, the fun was over. Neil Zaza is one of the most sought after guitar educators in the world, and the man has certainly good technique. Unfortunately, he shoves that in your face for more than 70 minutes on 14 regular song, delivering instrumental music with never ending guitar solos that probably have to anger even friends of guitar virtuoso music. In some ways he reminds me of Joe Satriani, but where Satriani added good song writing and especially wit to his songs, Zaza just plows through the never wanting to end album, taking no prisoners, playing solo after solo, making you acknowledge how good he plays, but the predominance of the guitar hides his (anyway rather pale) backing band.

Neil Zaza would be better off if he kept at educating people and designing new guitars, but solo albums like this are aimed at a very narrow group of people, and maybe he should consider that even his predecessors (Michael Schenker, for instance) most of the time were satisfied to be the lead guitarist in a rock'n'roll band. Apart from making better music that way, the chicks will even find that sexier.

OK for shopping malls and elevators, but I wouldn't recommend Melodica for everyday listening.

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