Nekrasov / Aderlating - Split-LP

4 songs
46:58 minutes
Chrome Leaf

Nekrasov page / Aderlating page

Black metal has been stretched to many different directions since its inception as a primitive kind of thrash metal with Satanic lyrics, but I have to admit that I have never come across something as ear-deafening as what can be heard on this limited and split coloured vinyl record.

The A-side contains one gigantic twenty-four minute song by Australian artist Nekrasov. What this guy does on Qualities Of Being Futile And Valueless can’t exactly be described as music anymore. It all words rather like a long soundscape that would be perfect as the soundtrack for a horror movie. Don’t expect any kind of rhythm to carry the track, because it’s just noises, deep frequencies, brooding synth lines and threatening atmospheres. I actually rather like the concept, and it’s clear that after ten years in the business, Nekrasov knows perfectly well how to scare his audience. His dark ambient music certainly comes from a metal background, sharing the same kind of darkness and oppression that the more nihilistic tendencies of that genre display. It’s somehow like Celtic Frost’s experimental Danse Macabre, except without any kind of discernible rhythm and stretched much longer.

The B-side belongs to Aderlating, a Dutch ambient industrial project headed also by only one person, playing laptop, drums, noises and whatever comes to his mind. The three featured tracks fittingly build tension, from their opener Chalic Of Abalam not that distant from what we heard on the flipside. The following Ritus Orgia Sanqin adds a rumbling beat that adds to the scary atmosphere. The final Dog Semen comes across like a grindcore song listened to somewhere behind closed doors.

This is all very interesting, even original, but definitely not meant for the masses. Therefore it makes sense that this is a very limited release. If you like evil soundtrack noises, you should listen to this record at home alone in your bed, with the lights out, and imagine a grizzly scenario in your mind. But don’t expect me to rate it!

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