NEURAXIS - Trilateral Progression

Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression

10 songs
35:11 minutes
***** *****


After a three year break, French Canadian death metal gods Neuraxis are back with their fourth album Trilateral Progression. If I was only amazed by their previous Truth Beyond..., then it's nearly impossible to find the right words to describe their new masterpiece. What distinguishes Neuraxis from more or less every other death metal band is that they refuse to follow one school of thought: they are extremely technical but never sound like a US East Coast band, they have lots of intricate melodies, but they are light years away from the European brand. Instead Neuraxis play their very own kind of progressive death metal, using the complex patterns from bands like Atheist and Cynic, and combining them with a more hard-edged sound. Enveloped in a killer production, these nine songs plus intro destroy everything that comes into their path. By adding a healthy dose of thrash metal elements and having a singer who sounds brutal and charismatic at the same time, they manage to be in a league of their own, possibly making it hard for the more intolerant extreme metal fans to get into, but everyone who likes their more spiced up with definitely fall in love with Trilateral Progression.

My only complaints are the rather short running time (but then Neuraxis don't even have a single filler) and the philosophical lyrics that are of course a welcome change to typical gore motifs, but are too complicated to make sense to the listener in the context of a song.

But these are just minor, negligible flaws that shouldn't prevent anyone of checking out this perfect death metal album that deserves nothing less than the maximum rating.

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