NEUROTIC MAZE - Behind A Wall Of Glass

Neurotic Maze - Behind A Wall Of Glass

11 songs
49:51 minutes
***** **


Neurotic Maze is the solo project of Hannes Hofer, owner of Silent Noise Records and member in death metal band Dark Reflexions. If you expect now another extreme metal attack, you will be mistaken. This is rather a place for the stressed metalhead to try some more relaxed sounds.

Although Neurotic Maze plays electronic music, you will also encounter real instruments like guitar, bass and drums. The catchy opener Invisible Net starts rather quietly before becoming more rhythmic, with enjoyable vocals by Julia Hinteregger. Too bad she’s only present on this one track, as mastermind Hannes took charge of the vocal duties himself for the remaining material, except on Choir Of Crows where he is replaced by Christian Popodi. The music explores different moods without setting too strong contrasts. Sometimes it’s closer to ambient, at other times melancholic, experimental and even hinting at avant-garde. The general sound is consciously synthetic, reminding of several wave bands from the Eighties, like Alphaville and Depeche Mode.

This counts especially for the first six and the concluding songs, although the latter annoys with ten minutes of nothing before the hidden bonus track. Vento Del Cambiamento is a rap song that reminded me of Jovanotti. The remaining three tracks are rather bizarre and full of vocal samples and strange sounds, sometimes even reminiscent of the 8-bit era, and let’s face it: they could have been more accessible. The first half of the CD is definitely the stronger one.

The album title hints already at fragile music, and I have to admit that I prefer the metallic Hannes. He still deserves recognition for this courageous and varied album. Considering that Behind A Wall Of Glass can be downloaded for free on the label’s Bandcamp site, there is no reason not to give this intriguing band some moments of your time.

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