NEX - A Clockwork Heart

Nex - A Clockwork Heart

13 songs
50:22 minutes
***** ****


In a time where it becomes constantly harder for artists to make something truly new, British metal band Nex tries the impossible, and although they hardly reinvent music, their take at the last twenty years of music ends up in a refreshing mix that throws many different ingredients into a musical melting pot to serve something which eventually sounds surprisingly homogenous. Take the more melodic aspects of metalcore, add the fashionable new millennium emo feeling, hire a vocalist who sounds like Mike Patton at his bests, and let the songwriters sometimes write melodies you would rather expect from a boy band, except that they play it much harder here, and you have Nex’s sonic tapestry on their second album A Clockwork Heart.

Everything they do has been done before, but the trick is to do it with a passion and a bag full of great songs. Changing dynamics frequently throughout the album also helps making this a pleasant listening trip that people from many different backgrounds will enjoy. No matter if you’re into heavy metal, emo, punk rock, power pop or whatever, A Clockwork Heart has enough consensus to achieve a broad audience, yet never waters down itself to make it a half-hearted hybrid.

Oscillating between Faith No More’s crossover accessibility and System Of A Down’s intelligent metal, Nex may not yet reach those two bands, but they are already sounding more interesting than the majority of metalcore and emo bands. Furthermore they show on this second album that they are seriously looking for their own style, which again many bands don’t even dare to try for fear of public rejection. Those who really want to get a taste of something different in today’s monotonous music landscape might as well check out Nex.

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