NEX - Nex

Nex - Nex

13 songs
39:35 minutes
***** ***


It’s only been a few days since I wrote a review for Nex’s second album. It seems that their debut will be re-released in continental Europe now as their label found a new distribution partner. What can I say about this item that has been recorded two years earlier what I haven’t said yet about their recent one? Basically not that much has changed with the Brits. They were less polished on their debut but already had a fine instinct for catchy melodies, as can be heard on The Worm, Friday 13th and especially Tick with makes the perfect bridge between Faith No More crossover metal and Bad Religion ooohs and aaahs.

Maybe it’s Nex’s crossover metal attitude that owes so much to the Nineties which makes them stand out in a sea of interchangeable emo bands. Actually Nex are not that far away from that quite annoying trend, but it’s the sensible production that works hard to give the band its own identity… which worked even better on the new album. But for a debut, Nex did astonishingly well, and fans of Nineties alternative metal will certainly relish this slightly nostalgic, but never dated album.

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