NIGHTS LIKE THESE - Sunlight At Secondhand

Nights Like These - Sunlight At Secondhand

10 songs
41:31 minutes
***** ****


Let’s face it: most metalcore is boring. It’s a blessing that Nights Like These from Memphis, Tennessee have emancipated themselves from that annoying trend and declare proudly that they are too melodic for the death metal fans, but too harsh for the metalcore kids. Last year, their debut The Faithless convinced me with mathy metalcore that preferred short songs, but was always at its best when they slowed the speed a little down and let their power play. I cannot have been the only one who thought so, because their sophomore effort Sunlight At Secondhand sees the band wallowing throughout in mid-tempo regions, and that at a considerable improvement to their debut. It’s nearly impossible to compare them to other bands, although stylistically they remind me at times of Mastodon who also play extreme metal music with tremendous success. Just like them, Nights Like These don’t need to adhere to any current movements to make their own special brand of music. Other influences might be Between The Buried And Me (although NLT are more focused in their songwriting) and Converge.

Sunlight At Secondhand is a piece of art that deserves to be consumed in its entirety. No single song sticks out as the highlight of the album, it rather feels like the different tracks deserve your fullest attention, to discern the exquisite guitar playing that often wanders into jazzy territories, the pounding rhythm section that seems to be shovelling its way trough a tunnel of molasses, and of course vocalist Billy Bottom whose screams must come from the deepest bottom of his soul.

If you are no longer interested in run-of-the-mill metalcore acts, you still should check out Sunlight At Secondhand from Nights Like These, one of the ultra-rare bands that still manage to walk their own road in a metal scene which makes it always harder to be original. Compared to their debut, they have truly improved themselves incredibly much!

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