NINE DAYS TO NO ONE - Disrecordings

Nine Days To No One - Disrecordings

5 songs
24:20 minutes
***** ***


Sometimes you find yourself reviewing CDs, not knowing if it isn’t too late. British screamo band Nine Days To No One disbanded more than two years ago, their homepage is no longer online, and they haven’t even logged in to their Myspace page for a year now. And still I see myself faced with their debut EP which has been released already five years ago. The things is: if you didn’t know all of the preceding information, you’d be amazed at how original these guys transformed the normally quite generic screamo sound. The songs seem to flow into one another, and regular hardcore parts can be followed by truly demonic noice orgies, just to be replaced by ingratiating crooning vocals. Especially Sangreal is a testimony of the band’s many faces, showing them maybe from their more accessible side. This is how Mr Bungle would have sounded, had they become a psycho core band.

Nine Days To No One released one more CD after this debut, and then they broke up, which is sad, because this debut is already much better and still more refreshing than most of which is sold as scream or emo these days. Disrecordings is a self-confident debut that never tries to be extreme for extremity’s sake, but which rather chooses to combine many apparently irreconcilable genres into something which eventually turns out to be more than just the sum of its parts. Interesting EP for hardcore historians!

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