NMEMINE - Life Without Water

NMEMINE - Life Without Water

12 songs
42:05 minutes


At first I really had trouble reading the band name before I realized that it means Enemy Mine. A closer look at band logo revealed parallels to Eminem (with NMEMINE only having an extra "N" upfront and the last "M" coming as the second letter). Coincidence or reason for the rap guru to sue?

Musically there are of course no parallels to Eminem, but this doesn't mean that NMEMINE have done a good record. There is not a single highlight on the CD and everything you hear is just too predictable. The singer forces himself in an incredible way just too sound sometimes like Nickelback's Chad Kroeger or Life Of Agony's Keith Caputo. The music always tries to be overly trendy. On calmer passages, there are parallels to Nickelback while the heavier ones make me think of Deftones. On some tracks, there are real nasty metal screams and NMEMINE probably try to goad the metal core fanbase, but eventually the final result doesn't sound satisfying.

Life Without Water is a record without power. Although the producer Sigi Benn (Kreator, Caliban and Farmer Boys) did a good enough job, a solid production isn't enough to hide the band's inability to be original. This boringly generic album, played without a trace of motivation and originaltiy, can only be recommended to people who think that they need every hyped rock band in their CD collection.

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