NODES OF RANVIER - Defined By Struggle

Nodes Of Ranvier - Defined By Struggle

11 songs
36:14 minutes


Our brothers is Christ, Nodes Of Ranvier, are back with their fourth CD, which is also their first one on Victory Records who absolutely must have forgotten in their info sheet with what kind of people we have to deal here with. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to give a favourable review to their debut on a Christian label, and because I allowed myself not to share their spiritual opinions, I even received a rather upset email from one of their little tolerant fans. Back then I had to smile and just as quickly dismiss this incident, but after seeing my first Christian band (Becoming The Archetype telling their audience that Jesus Christ is the only answer!) live, I have radically changed my attitude towards those proselytising zealots. We are lucky to live in a democratic Old Europe and not under George W. Bush’s theocracy, and anyone wanting to spend money on radicals like Nodes Of Ranvier (I’d love to read the lyrics to songs like Sermon, Endless Faith, Purpose In Pain and Infidelity) should know that there are many much better metalcore bands that are waiting for your Euros.

That’s another problem: five years ago, Nodes Of Ranvier dabbled in a genre which was still rather unexplored and convinced me at least at a musical level. In 2007, I was sorely disappointed to hear that Defined By Struggle is most generic metalcore with a few old school hardcore and thrash metal elements. At times it works rather ok, like on Purpose In Pain or the more melodic Sergeant Sorrow, but generally, this album came a few years too late, and I have the suspicion that their new label wants to get a piece of the ever growing Christian community, a phenomenon we Europeans have so far been spared with. What remains is a very average album with lyrics that secular people can only shake their heads at.

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