NOOPINION - No Chains For Change

Noopinion - No Chains For Change

13 songs
39:40 minutes
***** ***
Finest Noise


German band Noopinion has been around since 1999, but so far they preferred being on stage to dwelling in a recording studio. How else can you explain that they have played already nearly 1.000 shows, but recorded only 4 CDs. They even made it out of Europe and toured twice thoroughly through the USA and even once played in China in front of an excited audience.

Their fourth and most recent album is titled No Chains For Change on which they mostly offer a mix of punk and hardcore that feels very much alive. Despite melodic components, they don’t shy away from harder parts, which should also appeal to an open-minded metal audience. You will make out quite often a healthy portion of rage whenever the furious guitar riffs are pelting down. No Chains For Change does its name justice, as the generally hard music finds time and again room for different influences. Burn All The Flags is a regular hit, and D.O.C. is so full of energy that the band’s joy of playing becomes undeniable. New World Disorder surprises with dark and sludgy parts, and Stand My Ground might even find approval among the emo faction. Seasons Of Change is a regular metal track, and Decade concludes the album with an excellent punk hymn.

Noopinion may not offer anything groundbreakingly new, but their uncomplicated approach makes it obvious that No Chains For Change is full of heart’s blood. If you like heavy music with a melodic flair, you should be at just the right address with Noopinion.

Noopinion: Insidious (first video clip from the CD)

Noopinion: Decade (second video clip from the CD)

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